Bionic Hand Project



What you see is a project in which I am investing a lot of my resources.
It is a product on which they work in just a few in the world, because it is very complex as regards mechanical and programming, I’m talking about of medical-robotic Bionic Hand.
The goal is to get a hand at a cost much lower than those in commerce today, these cost about 20 thousand Euro.
With the diffusion of 3D printers, low-cost microcontrollers and servos I think we can develop something new, that may finally bring down the costs.
In the images you can see how the study of the project is well under way and lets hope and shows off my goal.
In the meantime, I’m looking for Venture Capitalists interested in supporting this great project.
Of course I will keep you updated on developments in the channels that you know.


  1. Frank Tetto says:

    Best wishes on the 3 D electronic hand. We live in marvelous and exciting
    In addition to persons who lost a limb or were born without a limb an electronic hand that would fit over the hand of an individual sustained a brain injury, stroke, or spinal cord injury. Such a hand could be used to retrain the hand through therapies. There is a possibility that such a
    devise would actually be able to restore function to the non-working hand.
    My daughter Maria Tetto sustained a severe brain injury in 1998. Her left hand is contracted due to high tone (spasticity). Maria, has limited movement of her left hand fingers. I fully believe a hand such as described made for Maria, could over time restore functioning of her left hand.
    I do not know who will read this comment but I would love for someone to work on this project and utilize Maria as a possible reseach model. Thanks.

  2. Chad C. says:

    Great job on the design. I am curious if you would be interested in partnering with my website Have you looked into new projection technologies from tablets.



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